READY-C Umbrella
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READY-C Umbrella

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The consolidator Ready-C is constituted by a structure anchored to the ground by means of a tie rod of deep anchorage and / or by means of the fastening plates in cca. In the two versions in production, mod. BASE mod. MINI, the consolidator, is optimum use as retaining wall, bridle, bridle filtering, anti-erosion and bank protection as evidence to consolidate and stabilize slopes and escarpments on earth.

All items have a unique structural concept and differ from one another in different specifications designed to meet different application needs.

The mono-anchorage system is constituted by a front facing net, from a S.Andrea's cross-structure of metallic beams, by an articulated joint that allows limited rotation of the elements and combines the control parameter to a central rod connecting to an anchoring element, whose type may vary depending on the design requirements, all complemented by bracing ropes that connect the facing the anchoring element.

All structures are produced under ISO 9001-2015 quality certificate.

The three types are easily found use in a wide range of applications and interventions such as:

  • Bridles and reins filter
  • Bank protection against corrosion
  • Landslide protection
  • Bank protection anti-erosion
  • Landslide accommodation of landslide slopes
  • Stabilization and consolidation of slopes and escarpments
  • Avalanche Danger Mitigation
  • Construction of walls, barriers and valleys
  • Jetties, marine structures and lake structures



  • Lower weight: this allows for easy transport and simple installation.

  • Transportation costs: the structures are transported to the site fully assembled and closed, thus minimizing the costs of road transport.

  • Assembly performed directly on site: the structures are opened directly on site and, if the logistical conditions permit, on-site, thus eliminating any burden of handling and improper installation. This is generally carried out by our trained staff or personnel of the customer previously formed and trained.

  • Minimum space required for opening: the minimum space required for the opening of the facilities, regardless of type, of only 20 square meters, which makes possible to open facilities at the foot of work as they are used, thus eliminating any burden storage and transport within the site.

  • Minimum space required for storage: a structure mod. Open base requires approximately 10 square meters for storage.

  • High production: only one skilled worker, equipped with suitable equipment, able to open and put in storage (or directly on the job, if open at the foot opera) an average structure in 3 min. in structure (see sequences below).

  • Easy transport for closed facilities: the weight and bulk of the content structure make it easy and economical handling and handling both land and air in the area of the site.

  • Ease of installation: the structures are mono-anchorage structures. The mechanical connection with the anchoring element (anchor plate of concrete or passive) allows to complete the installation of the structure itself in an extremely short time even in difficult situations shipbuilding.
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READY-C è la soluzione a problematiche di instabilità dei versanti, da utilizzare per riprofilare un versante instabile in tempi estremamente rapidi, grazie ai suoi vantaggi esclusivi:

- Ogni struttura è fornita 100% pre-assemblata;

- Ogni struttura si apre automaticamente in meno di un minuto.


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