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To test the function and effectiveness of SnowGripper were performed in the laboratory of snow Schmittenhöhe at Zellam See - Austria, intense measurements of the sliding of snow mass. As you can see in the graph, the length of the sliding snow mass in ossercazione period from December 2003 until April 2004 amounted to a total of 22 cm maximum.
The values ​​of slip / day in the area with SnowGripper have never exceeded the value of 1 cm.


The SnowGripper are used alone or in combination with traditional systems avalanche.

  • Alone, the SnowGripper held various technical security features armed and reinforced once on the all areas of rehabilitation of protective forests, reforestation and protection of flood risk areas.
  • In combination with traditional systems avalanches, the SnowGripper prevent unwanted filling systems for steel bridges and help to reduce the danger of marginal areas critical. Thanks to the increase of the permanent ground roughness with SnowGripper, the sliding of the snow mass is reduced to a minimum.
  • The resulting reduction of the avalanche traditional systems, ie their better road holding, mean that such systems can perform their function proettiva longer time.
  • The high costs of maintenance or new installation become more easily calculable.
  • Combining technical measures to those of reforestation, the SnowGripper guarantee the capital invested through the best prospects of success of reforestation measures.


An avalanche that can threaten our living space usually arises over the years as a result of the influence of several factors combined.
With SnowGripper we can combat the problem, as soon as we are informed it, with limited technical and financial commitment.
Help us do the wind, the sun and the snow.

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