Soil Drainage
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Soil Drainage

Traditionally, the drains are made by excavations, filled with inert absorbent material natural high permeability (gravel or broken quarry). This allows the interception and disposal of water ingress into the ground caused by infiltrations superficial or deep. The realization of traditional trenches involves the use of an expensive material such as gravel, and a whole series of machining very expensive (excavation of considerable size, poses the non-woven geotextile, disposal of excavated material, etc..). The use of a drainage geocomposite for the realization of drainage trenches is instead, cheaper than a traditional processing because less processing time: the excavation can be more reduced in width and the geosynthetic, of very small thickness, is laid by 'high, also the excavated soil can be reused for filling.


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Prefabricated high-performance hydraulic and mechanical properties consist of a box-shaped outer cage covered with geotextile separator and core draining "pebbles" Styrofoam is not recycled fibers, insoluble and chemically inert to water.


Compared to GABBIODREN, the introduction of the tube to the base of the panel increases the ability of water runoff in terms of quantity and speed of disposal, allowing the collection and disposal of water towards drains of connection and inspection, ditches and channels.

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