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lncofil Tech was born in 1985 as a future-orientated company focusing on steel wire ropes for special applications. Attention was paid to the most advanced manufacturing process, testing and marketing both for industrial and forestry applications.

Thanks to its long experience and know-how, lncofil Tech has diversified its activities into the lifting sectors for the industry and the forestry, into slope consolidation systems, into protection against unstable rock blocks and avalanches, but also into the use of stainless steel cable in urban and interior design and decoration.

The market demands to research more and more technologies and materials, aiming to satisfy different needs and requests.lncofil Tech supplies a considerably wide range of products: synthetic and polyester slings, winches, hoists, forestry carriage, pulleys, selfblocking wedge clamps, turnbuckles, anchors of different types.

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Certificates: our guarantee for quality and professional service

Quality is the key for all steps of the entire process, starting from design up to the final test.

The obtained certificates ensure the competence of our company and the commitment of lncofil Tech to its customers and partners. Experience, research, continuous observation of the market and care for customers needs: these are the basic elements to offer the best solutions in order to satisfy our customers.

ISO 9001 certificate proves our quality management system.


ISO 9001 2015 COL

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