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PERSEIDI: Research and Development for People's Safety

Rockfalls and debris flows pose a significant and increasingly frequent threat to mountainous and hilly areas, often causing damage to infrastructure and endangering communities.

Incofil Tech's vision is to develop sustainable solutions for hydrogeological risk mitigation that are environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable.

The PERSEIDI Project (CUP C39J21046780001), supported by the contribution of the Autonomous Province of Trento under Provincial Law 6/99, "Provincial Law on Incentives for Businesses," Article 5, and led by Incofil Tech, aims to conduct in-depth studies, test, and develop innovative solutions to prevent and mitigate risks associated with the instability of rock faces and slopes.

PERSEIDI benefits from specialized knowledge in the fields of geotechnical, environmental, and geological engineering, thanks to the extensive experience and expertise of Incofil Tech, as well as the collaboration of sector experts and internationally renowned academic institutions. This synergy of knowledge and expertise will enable the identification of new approaches and technologies to prevent and reduce the potential effects of hydrogeological disasters.




The safety of people is an absolute priority for Incofil Tech and all stakeholders involved in the project. PERSEIDI is a testament to our continuous commitment to researching innovative solutions to sustainably improve the quality of life.


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