Mod. RAV_3/A • 1000 kJ
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Mod. RAV_3/A • 1000 kJ

The rockfall barrier model RAV_3/A is produced under UNI-EN-ISO9001: 2008, suitable for protection against rockfall with impact energies up to 1000 kJ. Thanks to the versatility of the system, the barrier RAV_0/A is used as passive protection of residential areas, roadways or railways.

1000kj 3 A RAV3A


fundamental characteristics that make optimal use of the barrier model RAV_3/A in any state of the environment are:

  • adapt to any situation morphological and geo-morphological, thanks to the simplicity of the system, the combination of special trims, the versatility of the foundation structures can be easily adapted to the geotechnical characteristics of the ground;
  • ease and cheap costs of installation, thanks to the modularity of the system, the simplicity of assembly of the individual components and reduced number of perforations;
  • ease and cheap costs of maintenance operations, thanks to the modularity and ease of recovery (disassembly and assembly) of the individual components;
  • flexible system with the forces acting on the individual components of low intensity;
  • deformed post-impact and minimum residual height of the screen-off in Class A of the standard ETAG 27;
  • free movement of the screen-off, thanks to the positioning relative to the uprights and the absence of bracing of the valley;
  • excellent response to impacts simultaneously on multiple screens or secondary impacts on the same screen, due to the connection of all the panels and the entire face interaction during the impact;
  • no environmental impact thanks to the transparency of the structure and the structural lightness of its components.
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